Our RSM Inc buyer agents work to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer.  Best of all, buyer agent’s services are free to the buyer.  Most people think they have to pay a sales commission but the truth is, only the seller pays a commission.

Remember, you wouldn’t hire your spouse’s attorney to represent you in your divorce.  The same absolutely applies for real estate.  Why use the seller’s agent to negotiate your best interest?  Buying real estate is a big decision.  The best advice is utilize a realtor to guide you through the local market conditions.

Here at RSM Inc, we have weathered economic booms and banes.  We’ve seen it all and we are still here.  We are thriving in business because we apply sound business principles to our own investments.  Don’t you think it would be a sound economic decision to leverage our years of experience by allowing us to become your mentor throughout the buying process?  We think so!

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